All You Need to Know About Road Sweepers

It’s almost guaranteed that you see road sweepers moving down the street at least once or twice a week, espeically if you live in the city or big towns. Their brush bristles rubbing the pavement, and the various items of debris, roadkill and litter are seamlessly sucked into its cavernous holding skips. It’s something that most people see and don’t really question their purpose.

But who would question this? They are a common, everyday occurrence and their purpose is clear - they are there to keep the roads clean. Most people tend to agree that the purpose of road sweepers is merely to keep up the aesthetic appeal of our roads and cities. In other words, our roads and cities look a whole lot better when they are not covered in trash, dead animals and dirt.

While it's a fact that road sweepers do help keep your city streets looking great - they also do so much more than that. They have a whole heap of benefits for community members and other people who have access to the roads. Their benefits go beyond the aesthetic appeal of our roads and they actually protect the public in more than one way.

Having said this; here are the benefits of road sweepers that help us all:


Benefits of Road Sweepers

Storm water management

We live in times of extreme weather patterns, thus it’s important to ensure that storm water drainage systems are cleared regularly to ensure that runoff can make its way through.

Grass clippings, dirt and debris clog and block these drains and will eventually cause a significant issue in heavy rain that will cause flooding and damage on the roads. Road sweepers ensure that there is nothing to fill up and clog these storm water pipes.

Reduce damage to motor vehicles

Some of the most common causes of vehicle damage come from debris on the road. Flat tyres, chipped paint and cracked windscreens are just some of the most obvious signs of debris damage; but undercoats, finishes and engine parts can all be damaged by debris on the ground or flying around the road. Road sweepers help vehicle owners save the expense of constantly repairing their cars.

Pet and wildlife

Debris on roads often comes in the form of thrown away food and this has a tendency to attract all sorts of creatures and wildlife.

From domesticated dogs and cats to rats, mice and everything in between - road sweepers clean up the debris that attracts pets and wildlife to the roads and, in doing so, goes a long way in keeping them safe from becoming roadkill.

Environmental conservation

Harmful materials and hazardous waste also find their way onto our roads and this can have a huge impact on the environment. They make their way into streams, rivers and lakes through the drains. Once there, they can harm fish, water creatures, livestock and even humans. Road sweepers ensure that these harmful chemicals are disposed of before they can harm anything.

As you can see, the benefits of road sweepers extend way past that of simple aesthetic appeal and they have a positive impact on many parts of the community. Maybe next time you pass one, take a moment to appreciate what they are doing for you.