Slipform Kerbing Contractors

In addition to tarmac & asphalt paving, E Thomas Developments Ltd have become a leading slipform kerbing contractor. We carry out works for various local authorities and other clients all over Kildare. Using the latest technologies our Wirtgen SP15 slipform paver is the perfect solution for kerbing, water channel, slot drain, footpath and barrier wall applications. The SP15 features an intelligent electronic steering and control system which offers everything it takes for precise handling to deliver high-precision concrete paving. The slipform machine plays its trumps in particular when working in bends where the Ackermann steering system ensures highly precise driving behaviour and highest concrete quality. The computer controlled steering system varies the speed of the individual track units when driving in bends, enabling the machine to follow all works with pinpoint accuracy. A second-to-none solution.

To fully respond to the specific site conditions at all times, the mould on our Wirtgen SP15 paver can be mounted on the right or left hand side of the machine. Also, the string line can be mounted underneath the machine to allow for close paving to any obstacles encountered on site. Upon request we can also fabricate moulds to customer specification. Our highly skilled and dedicated crew have over 15 years of experience in slipform kerbing and are consistent with carrying out all of our works in compliance with our Quality Management System which is accredited to ISO 9001/2015.

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